Our People

Bill Hamilton is the founding Partner of WJ Hamilton & Co.



Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Official Liquidator of Supreme Court Of New South Wales and other States and Territories and Federal Court of Australia.



Commenced in Practice as Sole Practitioner.

Specialising in Court Schemes of Arrangement and Official Liquidations/Receiverships.


Official Liquidator

Appointed as Official Liquidator State of New South Wales and for a period of time, the sole Official Liquidator for the State.


Hamiltons and Ferrier Chartered Accountants

Ian Ferrier became partner.  Commenced practising as “Hamilton and Ferrier, Chartered Accountants”. Partnership dissolved in June 1976 and Bill Hamilton thereafter traded as Hamiltons Chartered Accountants.


Hamiltons Chartered Accountants

Hamiltons Chartered Accountants commenced on 30th June 1976 and changes in partners took place as set out below:

  • In the year 1980, certain staff were admitted to partnership, namely Barry Taylor, David Clout, Max Donnelly and Richard Brien.
  • David Clout and Max Donnelly left the partnership in 1984 and joined Ian Ferrier.  The firm for a short period traded as Hamilton Taylor and Brien returning to Hamiltons trading name shortly thereafter.
  • The last of Hamiltons partnerships was dissolved in November 2010 and since then, Bill Hamilton has practised as a sole practitioner as WJ Hamilton & Co.


WJ Hamilton & Co.

Commenced practice as WJ Hamilton & Co.

Bill Hamilton is one of the leading practitioners to implement Schemes of Arrangement before the Court shortly after commencing in practice and completed in excess of fifty (50) such Schemes in the earlier years prior to Part 5.3A of the Corporations Act, Deeds of Company Arrangement being introduced into the legislation and now almost exclusively practices in implementing Deeds of Company Arrangement, Receiverships, Experts Reports and Litigation.  The Supreme Court, having accredited him in his capacity as Official Liquidator, the right to litigate in his own name without using a solicitor and appearing in Court.  His Experts Report in the matter of Budget Corporation Limited enabled the settling of a negligence suit against auditors and solicitors in excess of $12.0(M).

WJ Hamilton & Co. is known for its expertise in Public Examinations, Interlocutory Court and Voidable Transaction Litigation.  Bill has acted as Receiver for most of the major banks including the ANZ Banking Group Limited and as an Official Liquidator of the Court has completed in excess of 3,000 Official Liquidations ranging from public companies such as Patrick Corporation, Australia Factors Ltd, Pinnock Group of Companies (where he implemented 11 Schemes of Arrangement before the Court simultaneously, an unheard of achievement), George Hudson Limited and many others.

Bill has also acted in a multitude of Deeds of Company Arrangement as Administrator and assisted in Litigation Support such as in the major cases of Walker Corporation -v- Concrete Constructions Group and Shuwa International (Australia) Pty Limited and of course the former Budget Corporation.  In relation to White Trucks Pty Ltd, Bill was appointed Receiver by the bank and after seeing that there was an opportunity for reconstruction, became Provisional Liquidator and carried out a Court Scheme of Arrangement rehabilitating that company.  The company successfully carried on its business.

In relation to Associated Insulations Pty Ltd, Bill managed the company under a Court Scheme of Arrangement and creditors were eventually paid 100c in the dollar.  That company was successfully rehabilitated.  Bill has also acted as Receiver under Court Orders at times appointed by the Corporations Commission (now known as The Australian Securities and Investments Commission, (ASIC)).

Bill has also acted as Receiver Manager for Perpetual Trustee Company Limited through it’s mortgage manager Resimac Ltd of SW & CM Cook Investments Pty Ltd T/As The Townhouse Hotel Motel at Cowra, NSW, being appointed on 10 August 2011 and completing the sale of the hotel and ceasing to act as Receiver on 23 April 2012.

To see a list of the Reported Cases in which Bill has acted as Plaintiff in his capacity as an Official Liquidator, click here, Reported Cases.