WJ Hamilton & Co. is a leading independent advisory and accounting firm which has enjoyed continued success since the origin of it’s genesis in 1960.  Our firm specialises in both corporate and personal insolvency.  Our clients have been receptive to our transparency, depth of knowledge and common sense approach to resolving the challenges facing business today.


Corporate Insolvency Services

WJ Hamilton & Co. has over 50 years experience in dealing with matters of corporate insolvency and is currently known for the expertise it holds in the specialised field of implementing Deeds of Company Arrangements under the Corporations Act as a means of rehabilitating companies.  Bill Hamilton’s experience extends to advising on challenging corporate group matters as well as finding the right solutions for small distressed companies, be it an informal arrangement, receivership, voluntary administration or as a last resort liquidation.


Voluntary Administrations Voluntary Liquidations
Schemes of Company Arrangement Compulsory Liquidations


Personal Insolvency Services

Bill Hamilton, for over two decades, has been a registered Trustee in Bankruptcy and has recently ceased to be a trustee for various reasons.  However, he seeks to assist people who are approaching bankruptcy or who are bankrupt or who wish to enter into a Personal Insolvency Agreement which he can do by preparing all of the documents which can be submitted to the Controlling Trustee, whoever that ma y be.  The preparation of the document is a major part of the Personal Insolvency Agreement.

Other professional Services

WJ Hamilton & Co. services extend to business advisory, business reconstruction and litigation support, and forensics.

Business Advisory Litigation Support
Business Reconstruction Forensic Accounting



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